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Professional colleagues and friends

With the prolific use of social media services such as LinkedIn and Facebook, it has become easy to identify an individuals friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. I believe it is possible to judge an individual by  his or her profession friends and colleagues - I am VERY proud of my network of colleagues and friends from around the country.   Below is a sampling of my wonderful network.............

Dr. Gary Langer

Picture of WOW award team at WCET conference
Minnesota Learning Commons
Executive Director

Gary is on the far left in the photo. Teresa Theisen (below) is the the red and Michele Jersak (below) is on my right.  The photo was taken at WCET's WOW Award event.

Michael Freeman

Photo of Freeman
Hennepin County Attorney

Michele Jersak

Century College

Dr. Daniel Abebe

Photo of Daniel Abebe
Metropolitan State University


Dr. Teresa Theisen

Minnesota Online Call Center
Executive Director

Dr. Chris Scruton

image of scruton
University of Minnesota

Chris is in the center of the photo (blue shirt).  Chris is awarding the "2012 Friends of eFolio" Award to our Call Center staff.

Dr. Carol Lacey

Metropolitan State University

Jane Leonard

(6/16/2013 10:06 PM)

My friend Jane Leonard is one of this state's most talented individuals.  She has served as Executive Director for the Minnesota Sesquicentennial, president of Rural Partners, and held leadership positions at the Bush Foundation.  She has also been an active leader within the state's GLBT community.

Dr. George Steele

Ohio Learning Network
Former Executive Director

Lynne Groves

image of lynne groves and myself
South Central Community and Technical College
Retired faculty

Thomas Odermatt

St. Louis Park Schools

Dr. Ruth Cox

image of ruth cox, phil davis and myself
San Francisco State University

Ruth is the attractive person in the center of the photo.

Peter Johnson

photo peter johnson
South Central Community and Technical College

Dr. Allen Schmieder

photo of allen schmieder

Allen, who was one of the pioneers in education technology, recently passed away. He is and always will be missed.

Dr. John Ittleson

Various organizations
Elder in the portfolio community
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