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Minnesota eLearning and eFolio Summits

logo of 2013 summit

Established Minnesota's first digital summit (with staff support from Doreen Starke-Meyerring).  The first summit was held at Hamline University in St. Paul, succeeding summits have been held at a number of venues including Normandale Community College and St. John's University.  Recently the summit has found a permanent home at Northwestern College in St. Paul.  The summit has brought together hundreds of participants from across the K-20 communities (including libraries).

GPS LifePlan

logo of gps lifeplan

I was part of the team that helped establish and continues to promote Century College's GPS Lifeplan. This award-winning initiative provides institutions with a student engagement strategy focused on development of five critical "plans" - career, education, finance, leadership, and personal.

The success of this effort has lead to development of "spin-off" versions focused on: military personnel, secondary schools, and the workforce.


Joint Powers Organizations

image of mnlc web site

In the private sector they are called "business partnerships," in the public sector (in Minnesota) they are called "joint powers organizations." Minnesota Statute provides for public organizations to enter into joint powers for a particular purpose(s).  I have helped to craft two such organizations in my tenure: ISEEK Solutions ( and the Minnesota Learning Commons (MnLC -

Note that work with my work with the eLearning/eFolio Summits, eFolioMinnesota, GPS LifePlan, etc. is closely tied/associated with the MnLC.


Public-Private Partnerships and Contracts

During my career I have had the opportunity to partner and contract with numerous private corporations.  In these situations I use "partnership" as the term used to describe a non-financial/non-contract-based engagement between a private company and an education organization.  On the other hand, a "contract" represents a legal agreement between two entities (either public-private or public-public).

Notable partnerships that I have negotiated/facilitated include: Microsoft, Novell, JDL Technologies, Seward Inc., WCET, Northwestern College (for the eLearning/eFolio Summits) and Cisco.  My work with Cisco was recognized as part of their Cisco Networking Academy program.

Notable public-private contracts negotiated include: SMARTHINKING (now part of Pearson), Avenet (which evolved into a formal public-private partnership/agreement), and RightNow (now part of Oracle).

Notable public-public contracts would include those associated with eFolioWorld operations the largest of which was our work with San Francisco State University (Ruth Cox is the project lead).

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