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For me, innovation and creativity involves connecting the "dots" - taking good ideas and bringing them together to make great ideas.

Minnesota's Electronic Portfolio

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Defined, directed, and managed the nation's first statewide electronic portfolio infrastructure - eFolioMinnesotaRM. How this effort came to be was documented in an article I wrote for the Encyclopedia of Distance Learning (see "Related Content" for a copy of the article).  Our worked helped convince the portfolio community to explore other options on how to deploy portfolio tools and services - options that are learner/student centered. In addition, working with Dr. Lynette Olson, we used this infrastructure to establish a pilot project with the Higher Learning Commission to support the development of an institutional eFolio for the AQIP.

Doing a Google search on "eFolioMinnesota" (both Web and Scholar) will return numerous results. Our efforts have been recognized at both national and international levels.

In addition, our eFolio services evolved into a commercial offering marketed as eFolioWorld. Before transfering operations to Avenet (our technology development partner) I worked with customers around the world.


CENTSS - Center for Transforming Student Services

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I along with leadership at WCET and Seward, Inc. established the Center for Transforming Student Services (CENTSS). The Center was an extension of my efforts to develop an e-student services audit that was an extension of WCET's Beyond the Administrative Core report and previous work in developing the Minnesota eSchools Matrix (see below).

Minnesota eSchools Matrix

The Minnesota eSchools project was launched as an initiative of the Governor's Office through the Minnesota Office of Technology.  The project focused on the integration of education and technology and brought together some of the leading Minnesota thinkers on the subject.  The effort was chaired by Dr. Allen Schmieder who served in multiple national leadership roles.  I served in the Project Director capacity with overall project responsibility.

At the core of the effort was the establishment of the "eSchools Matrix."  The Matrix (no pun intended) was divided into three subsections - the "three P's" (people, platform,  and process). Each subsection then identified specific areas of focus.  The complete matrix is presented below:

1996 State Education Technology Budget Bill

I managed the process from conception to passage of Minnesota's largest single technology public investment - $150 million passed as part of the 1996 state biennial budget. Primary bill authors were Senator Langseth and Representative Pelowski.

e-Portfolio created with myeFolio