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Keynote presentations

I have the opportunity to do a number of invited keynote presentations in my career.  Two of the more notable one include: 2005 Pan American ePortfolio Working Forum in Vancouver, B.C. and the 2008 European Union Conference on E-Portfolios in Maastricht, NL.

Broadcast events

I have participated in a number of state and national satellite broadcast events. Our award-winning MnSAT services (now defunct) hosted and directed the majority of the events. Topics for these events primary focused on e-portfolio services and approaches.


Workshops, conferences, training sessions and other events

I have lost track years ago concerning the total number of various conferences, events, poster, training sessions and workshops that I have lead and/or facilitated. I have enjoyed these activities as a way to intereact with friends and collegauges both here in Minnesota and around the country.

Working with the press

StarTribune article on eFolio

I have done a number of interviews over my career.  It is always interesting engaging the press.

Collection of various badges - 1 of 2

Image of various badges

Various badges from events over the years.  There are a couple of interest here: (1) the one in the lower left hand corner with the State of Minnesota seal is from my tenure at the Minnesota Office of Technology, a time when I coordinated education technology initiatives on behalf of Minnesota and (2) the one in the center with "ePortfolio 2008" when I keynoted a European Union portfolio conference in Maastricht (NL). 

Badge collection - 2 of 2

Image of various badges

The badge in the upper left corner is something to highlight.  Our eFolioMinnesota institutional portfolio effort was the "first of its kind" effort for the Higher Learning Commission - HLC (submitting an accreditation portfolio electronically).  I had an opportunity to showcase our work at the HLC annual conference.

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