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CENTSS workshop with NDSU schools

I was asked to lead a workshop for North Dakota State University Online schools. The workshop was intended to orient them to CENTSS
Great participants!  The personal story from this event was realizing that everything I had planned for this five hour workshop was needing to be thrown out/modified - all within the first 30 seconds!  The reason, the projection display was not going to handle the mind-map that I planned to use to discuss CENTSS releated work.

Keynote for ICCOC

During the summer of 2007 I was asked to do the keynote for the Iowa Community  College Online Consortium Summer Summit. The Summit brings in lead staff from around their consortium.
I realize that I like to experiment when I have the opportunity to lead a workshop or give a keynote.  For this event I created a "mindmap" (see the attached image) that defined areas/topics that I saw fitting into my keynote.  I then asked the audience to select those areas that they wanted me to focus on.  Obviously if one likes structure this is not the way to go but I really enjoyed the session and I'm told that the evaluations were very positive!  Chalk one up for something new!

Nowhere in Technology: All Children Left Behind

I was part of the team that pulled together Nowhere in Technology:  All Children Left Behind. The monograph (edited by Allen Schmieder and published by Augsburg College and JDL Technologies) focuses on our failure to successfully infuse technology into our local schools.  The publication is a series of essays from leading education and technology thinkers on what went wrong with the promise of technology and what we need to do to correct this.

My essay, It's not my job man.... NOT!, was based on my years as Director of Education Technology  Initiatives for the Office of Technology and reflected the need for everyone - students, parents, teachers, and administrators to take ownership of the need to integrate technology into the educational experience.  

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