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Volunteer and Service Activities

Volunteer and service activities are broken into two sections: (1) those listed below are related to my profession and (2) those listed to the right focus on personal growth efforts.

Minnesota Charter Schools

Having served on a number of boards of Minnesota charter schools, I can bluntly say that charter schools hold incredible promise BUT they are not a "silver bullet" for challenges are K-12 schools face.

A number of these charter efforts have been associated with my friend and colleague David Alley.


Minnesota Literacy Council

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I served on the Board of the Minnesota Literacy Council. During my tenure on the Council I attempted to establish/re-enforce bridges among the ABE (adult basic education) community and our two-year schools.


WCET WOW Award Committee

I chaired the  2007 WCET WOW Award Committee. The committee, which included past WOW award recipients, had the task to refine the award process and to select the winning proposals.

I also "MC'd" the award ceremonies at the 2007 WCET Annual Conference in Atlanta.


Minnesota Computers for Schools

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In 1997 I lead the charge for Minnesota to establish a national model for refurbishing used PC's through correctional facilities and distributing them to needy schools around the state.  The result of this effort was the Minnesota Computers for Schools (CFS) program.  Initially, state leadership for this program was jointly shared by the Office of Technology (OT), the Department of Children, Families, and Learning (CFL), and the Department of Corrections (DOC).  We had a strong partnership with Microsoft and thanks to Chuck Van de Weghe we were able to secure 25,000 license copies of the Windows 95 operating system.

Alas, the Ventura administration and CFL withdrew executive branch support from the program (both OT and DOC remained supporters - politics permitting).  In order to keep the program alive, I pushed the CFS Board to establish a non-profit organization.  Thanks to assistance from the Minnesota High Tech Association, we were able to establish the program under the Association's non-profit arm.

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